Virtual Reality

Do you want the home buyers to experience their new home before construction has started? Experience the future reality in Virtual Reality with Innobrix. Move yourself through your house to be built and experience what lies ahead!

The best presentation for your homes

Architects, project developers, real estate agents and much more have been working for years to display a property for the buyer as well as possible. First with 2D drawings, then with beautiful render images of the interior and then viewing the house based on 360-degree images. Now it is also easy to literally walk through the house with the Oculus Quest. Add extension, place furniture and watch!

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Wireless and without computer

Both Mobile VR and Oculus Quest are completely wireless and can be used without a PC. Quick and easy to use!


Give your buyer (s) an idea of the spaciousness of their new home and get an idea of how much light you have in your home.


Virtual Reality gives you the experience when it comes to viewing a new home in an early stage. Walk, watch, experience and enjoy.

Close to reality

In terms of experience, Virtual Reality is the closest to reality. Forget 2D drawings or 3D renders. VR is the future!

Can be used anywhere

At home, at the office, with friends or family … Your customer can view and show his future home anywhere.

Sales supportive

Did home buyers not make up their minds yet? With Virtual Reality they will definitely will!

Oculus Quest & Mobile VR

With Oculus Quest & Mobile VR it’s possible to view the home in Virtual Reality via two “devices”. With the Mobile VR glasses – often a phone used in combination with a cardboard holder – it is possible to look around from a standstill. With the Oculus Quest it is possible to really walk around in the physical world, where you also move in the virtual world. This gives you a good impression of how spacious a home really is.

Oculus Quest

Mobile VR

Oculus Quest

All-in-one VR, without the use of a PC, No cables and no restrictions. Oculus Quest is the first all-in-one virtual reality system. You can now configure a home almost anywhere. All you need is a VR headset and controllers. You adjust all settings without much effort, whether you are at home or in a new place for you. Oculus Quest uses your environment, so you can play standing or sitting, in large or small spaces. In addition, the Oculus is equipped with the Guardian system. The system is designed to remember the edges of your exercise space and to avoid dodging nearby objects as you walk around.

Mobile VR

With mobile VR glasses is meant a virtual reality glasses that you use with your own mobile phone. These mobile VR glasses therefore do not have their own screens or other complicated virtual reality hardware. The great thing about mobile VR glasses is that they are a lot cheaper and are easy to use for everyone with the help of mobile phones. The disadvantage on the other hand is that you can only look around from a single point. With the Oculus, on the other hand, it is to walk around in your home and the quality is generally higher than that of a smartphone.

Do you want to experience this or start using it? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Want to know more about Virtual Reality?

Gaston Smit

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