SimCity for Home builders

Easily create areas by simply putting together area plans, visualizing in 3D and experience in Virtual Reality.

Innobrix, for project development

A vacant lot, pasture or demolition area. A great opportunity to build a new appealing district or neighborhood. In the exploratory phase of the construction process, it is important to see what the neighborhood will look like in general, how and where you will place the houses, how many houses you can put in and whether you meet the regulations and permits.

With innobrix you can quickly and easily place homes and masses on your own pad. This way you create your 3D area plans in a number of steps in a lego way. Visualization and perception in Virtual Reality of your neighborhood designs contribute to better and insightful communication with third parties such as licensors, neighborhood initiatives and potential home buyers.

How the Urban Plan Configurator works.

Via your browser, you upload a map where you want to elaborate on your urban plannings. Afterwards, place the home types you like on the map. These can be terraced, detached and semidetached houses. Choose the number of houses, change the architecture and decorate the neighborhood. Generate different urban plans of the neighbourhood and save them in your personal Home Docs. The saved plans can be changed later, shared and showed to others, also in Virtual Reality.

Communications with several parties.

Visual urban area plans allow you to communicate with more clarity to third party companies. For example the people that provide permits who can now see your plans in a 3D visualization. Next to that they can have a look at your contractors, suppliers and architects which is a pleasant introduction. Last but not least, the end-users who might buy the houses can also meet the homes that you are building.

Create 3D area plans with a few mouse clicks

Innobrix works according to the Lego-principle. Generate urban areas effortless with building blocks and without technical knowledge.

Enforce your communication

An images tell more than a thousand words. Visualizations in 3D and VR creates clarity in your urban plans and configurations.

Integral solution in your construction process

Innobrix works seamless with all your other internal processes. Next to that, it connects several companies with the building process for more efficient communication.

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