"Living Bricks is our slogan, but the realization of ‘living’ in many more areas is Rodruza at its core."

About Rodruza

Living Bricks is our slogan, but the realization of ‘living’ in many more areas isRodruza at its core. The products we create and deliver are important, but thepeople we do this work for even more so. After all, a brick is just a tool, usedto make an already well-designed building even better to look at, or improveits performance. Thanks to our bricks, the creations in the minds of architectsare brought to life, construction companies build their projects, and the usersof the buildings enjoy its beautiful, functional atmosphere.Rodruza has the ambition to be as humane as possible: transparency andintegrity, being involved with the community and easy to reach out to. We willkeep developing our business, becoming more and more professional, toimprove the services we are able to deliver to our clients, and correspondinglytheir respective clients. We are developing both our products and ourproduction methods, innovating our inventory and keeping an eye on ourenvironment, our world. We take our responsibility as a business to beresponsible, creating our products in a socially responsible, durable manner

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CEO Van Wijnen middle

“At Van Wijnen Noord, we had been looking for some time to optimize our business processes. We wanted to do this by making shorter lines possible between the buyer and us as a builder and developer. Innobrix has made a hugely important contribution to this. ”


All relevant information clearly and up-to-date in a clear dashboard. The home buyer can see at a glance which tasks are still open, whether an action or reaction is still requested and whether there are still reports. Furthermore, he or she can consult all uploaded documents and chat with the buyer counselor. With the push of a button, the home configurator can be opened in no time and the home buyer can compile his 3D home, save it and look back in VR and AR.

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The housing file eases the administrative work and turns the buyer counselor into a personal advisor for the home buyers. From one online environment you have an overview of all current affairs and you communicate easily and directly with every home buyer. No more cluttered paper mass, all relevant information and documents are stored in a central location. Manage and view your various new construction projects, manage and communicate with the home buyers, stay informed of newly received messages and send notifications and tasks to the home buyer.

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Projects with Rodurza

Rodruza as Supplier

Rodruza, with its outer layer bricks, breathes life into a home. Because of an increase in sales channels available online, such as web stores, Rodruza has started the search for new methods of showcasing their products at an earlier stage in the housing sales process. Innobrix is a platform allowing suppliers to become a part of the building configurator, with their permission.With Rodruza joining the platform, their entire availability of bricks became available as an optional choice during the home design process, available to the clients. This way, a new sales channel has opened for them, as an additional method next to their old ways, using web stores and offline distribution platforms.


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