This module allows you to publish a BIM models without buyer options online.

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BIM Publisher

This module allows you to publish a BIM models without buyer options online. Very useful if there are model / drawing changes to be made. With the publisher, the home buyer can view the changes interactively at home, furnish the house, use the sun position simulation and mobile VR support.

Transform BIM designs into interactive virtual homes

Innobrix provides further digitization of your building process by integrating BIM designs for the consumer. It does this by creating digital interactive houses for the end-user. The BIM integration allows you to upload your BIM Designs and making them available for you end-user. The end-user is  can modify their future home, which is then send back to the home builder who can download the BIM and import it back into Revit.

What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. This actually already indicates what can be expected from a 3D BIM model. In this model, we model all the information required to actually realize and operate the building. This is often an integral model that contains all information in the field of architecture, installations and constructions.

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Revit uploads

The ability to upload Revit models.

Virtual Reality

Take a VR tour through the house with the Oculus Quest & Mobile VR.

Personal house style

The BIM Publisher is provided with your own logo and color scheme.

Furniture library

Decorate your future home with furniture and experience your home.

Sun position simulation

See where the sun shines on the lot and discover the shady spots.

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