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Innobrix is part of the Smart2IT based in Hengelo (Ov). Innobrix is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform developed for residential construction. With this solution, it is possible for the construction company or the project developer to offer the houses online. The home buyer can then configure and order a house online.

Innobrix by Smart2IT

Innobrix is a SaaS (Software as a Serivce) solution for the online configuration and ordering of new-build homes. The platform was developed by Smart2IT, a software company based in Hengelo (Ov) and founded in 2014. Smart2IT consists of + – 20 professionals, ranging from software developers, service specialists and commercial functions such as sales and marketing. Besides Innobrix, Smart2IT is also the developer of the EyeQ platform. EyeQ is an online platform developed to improve the skills, knowledge and performance of personnel by using Virtual Reality for training. With EyeQ you can create, manage, distribute and analyze your own VR scenarios. Upload your 360 ° content, create training questions, develop different VR scenarios and let your staff learn, train and take an exam in a Virtual Reality experience.

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