3D Printer

After a home buyer has finished configuring the home, there will be a period of time when they have to wait for construction to complete. During this period they can enjoy their own home, printed on a scale of 1:50!

Your home printed in 3D!

Have you completed a project that you are extremely proud of and would you like to share it with a future home buyer? Or do you want to offer your customers their own configured home in miniature at 1:50 scale, so that they can already view the home before delivery? We can arrange it for you. Innobrix is directly linked to a 3D printer, so we can create your homes including a removable roof and removable floors. View the examples below and if you are interested, contact us!

How does the 3D Printer work?

Watch the video below to get an impression of the process.

Want to know more about 3D printing?

Sander Martinec

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