The platform to sell newly-built houses online

A Software as a Service solution for configuring and ordering new-build homes online. Start online sales immediately!

Urban Planning Configurator

The Urban Planning Configurator is the Sim-City for home builders. Easy to plan designs for housing in a neighborhood with BIM-models. Creating complete areas within a few mouse clicks accompanied with investment costs. 

Home configurator

The house buyer is able to furnish his or her home. With the sun simulator, the user is able to simulate the light levels during the day to see where the sun shines. Together with virtual reality, you’ll give the buyer an amazing buying experience. 

Home Docs

An online file for buyer and home builder! All information like 3D houses, agreements, building plans, pictures and deadlines in a single spot available.


This module allows you to publish BIM Models without designing options. Very useful to adjust your designs later. With the publisher, the buyer will be able to arrange his furniture inside his future house. As well as the lightlevels simulations and support for mobile VR

Innobrix creates digital interactive houses

With this platform every home builder involves his buyers completly with the buying process of their new home. Buyers can imagine and make their own dream house, online and interactive. They can also place their furniture and order directly. All information will be collected in the wallet.

Innobrix is the integrated software sollution from project development till delivery. This unique intergration makes sure that the buying proces of the buyer becomes easier and more fun. The internal processes between development, sales and engineering will be closer to optimal.

Innobrix has its own Autodesk Revit Add-in


"Living bricks is our motto, but we realize the concept of 'living' on many more fronts, that is Rodruza."
"BIM integration was decisive for us. This is in line with our vision of residential construction and throughout our entire construction process."
"It is our motive to build buildings realize what others will use for years to come. "
"After all, you want to be able to put together and view your future home as best as possible."
'We love innovation. You can see that in the Welstandwijk, a virtual environment that is constantly evolving.'
"As a passionate builder, we are happy to use our experience and knowledge for your project."
'Trebbe uses the Innobrix Home Configurator for extra insights into neighborhoods.'
"Innobrix is at this moment the best in combination with Revit."
"The connection between BIM / Revit allows us to take greater steps in developing our business methods. We are eager to see these steps being taken."
"BIM Integration was decisive. This is conform our own vision on housing and the whole building process."
Svedex is the Dutch brand for laquered, stylish doors. Svedex creates innovative collections and is the leading expert when it comes to these lacquered doors.”

What Innobrix offers you

The Innobrix platform is diverse and is suitable for all sorts of sectors. Do you belong to one of the sectors down below? In that case, Innobrix can improve your workflow! Not all secotrs are mentioned, if you are not there, do not hesitate to send us an Email to see how we can assist you.

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